East London escorts

Where do you date in London? We seem to have a lot of escorts services in London at the moment, and I am beginning to wonder if there are too many escorts services. Looking at prices of escorts services in London, you can see that they vary a great deal. You can date VIP or elite escorts in the center of London for almost £1000 per hour, and then you have cheaper escorts services in other parts of London. It makes you wonder what the difference is when it comes to escorting. I date a lot of east London escorts, and I find that the girls are super hot.

East London escorts

East London escorts

East London escort girls

I am not so sure if east London escorts were the original escorts or not, but the East End of London certainly has one heck of a history when it comes to escorts. My family has lived in the East End of London for quite a few generations, and I remember when the East End was a lot cheaper than it is today. I still enjoy living here but things have certainly changed a lot. But one thing that has not changed is the east London escorts. They are still loads of fun to be with and I love them.

Most of the girls that I date here in east London have hearts of golds and are really friendly, I do enjoy the company of my favorite girls and try to see them as often as I can. My friends date escorts all over London, and some of them spend a lot of money on their escorts, but I prefer dating east End style. It is just like meeting up with some good friends and having some fun. Yes, perhaps it would be fun to try something different but I am not so sure.

West End Girls

A couple of the guys who used to date east London escorts have done really well, and have started to date West End girls. They keep going on about how sexy they are and how much they enjoy their company. I have checked out some of the web sites, and the girls do look really hot, but they do charge a fortune. I keep on wondering what they are paying for, what they do on their dates sounds really similar to what I do on my dates, so I don’t think it really matters.

I have asked a couple of them about their dates, and it seems that it is all about girls in hot tubs and stuff like that. That is great for them, but I have that sneaky suspicion that they are just showing off in front of their mates. They think that they have made it just because they work in the City, and my mates probably think they want the lifestyle to go with it. That is fine for them, and I hope that they enjoy it. I prefer to date my cheerful east London escorts!

East London escorts compared to South London escorts

So, what are the girls like south of the river Thames? It sounds very much like they are trying to copy West End girls and set themselves up as elite escorts. Good for them, and I am sure that the chaps who date their are enjoying their company. I have actually had a few dates south of the river, and I had a really great time. But, I must admit that what the girls were offering was just a variation of what I can get here in the East End of London. As a matter of fact, many of them did exactly the same thing as East End girls do.

I did enjoy dating Black girls in Brixton. They were different somehow and I must admit that I really enjoyed all of my dates with the girls. I feel quite bad that I have not been back since but I am sure that I will get the opportunity. Some of the girls I met were really nice, and I did enjoy spending time with them. They were all super friendly, and I am one of those guys who finds Black women sexy. It is just something about them and the way the move.

What about the girls in north London?

East London escort

Girls i admire from East London escort

To tell you the truth, I don’t have a lot of experience of dating north London girls. The East End has excellent transport links to north London, but I seldom go. I have a friend who owns a car dealer ship in north London, and he dates a few north London girls. What makes me laugh is that he often comes back here to date our east London escorts, it seems that he misses his home turf. The girls in north London are okay, he says, but a lot of them are new to escorting.

Many of the girls who work as east London escorts seem to come from a long line of east London escorts, so you can sort of say it is their birth right. My mates tells me that the girls who start off as north London girls, are rather young and they just really want to move on to become elite escorts. Lots of them are from places like Poland and Hungary, and working as an escort for them is a good job. I actually think that I am much happier dating here in the East End.

Yes, there is something special about the girls who work here as escorts, and you just can’t deny that. That being said, the East End is changing more and more every day, and is not what it used to be. This used to be a nice place to work in, but now it seems the old East End of London is being taken over by property developers. Even the old West Ham football ground has been sold off for development. West Ham was often thought of as an East End team, and now that has changed as well, everything will be gone soon.